Our Mission

The Madison County Military Heritage Commission was chartered 6 February, 1975 and granted non-profit 501(c)(3) status by the IRS December 7, 1998. Our mission is to:

  • Promote interest in the study and preservation of the military history and military heritage of the people in or from Madison County, Alabama.
  • Inspire a better appreciation and understanding of the part our military forces have played in the development of our nation, and thus encourage a renewed dedication to patriotism and respect for our flag.
  • Conduct, promote and encourage research of members of the armed forces and the military heritage Madison County, Alabama.
  • Compile and maintain the military historical archives for Madison County, Alabama.
  • Honor individual citizens of Madison County, Alabama, who have served in the armed forces and were awarded medal(s) for valor, since Madison County, Mississippi Territory was created December 13, 1808.
Soldier saluting


MCMHC Officers

  • Cledo "Clay" Davis (President)
  • Zigmund Jastrebski (Vice President)
  • Larry Bayer (Secretary)
  • Malcolm Brown (Treasurer)

Public Affairs Committee

  • Tom Kennemer (Chair)
  • Marc Neely
  • Ron Warren (Photographer)
  • Eric Deets (Hall of Heroes biographer)
  • Dave Jackman (Webmaster)

Price of Freedom Project

  • Ed Kennedy (Chair)
  • Tom Kennemer

Membership Committee

  • Vacant

Hall of Heroes Nomination Committee

  • Richard Epps (Chair)
  • Vacant

Military Heritage Displays Committee

  • Leonard Robinson (Chair)
  • Eric Deets (Hall of Heroes Display)
  • Tony Koszarsky (Medals and Historical Display)
  • Leonard Robinson (Purple Heart Display)

Events/Ceremonies Committee

  • Bob Karwoski (Hall of Heroes Induction Coordinator)
  • Marc Neely (Veterans Day Parade Coordinator)