Friedrich, Robert L.

Captain Friedrich distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous action on 7 September 1968 while serving as company commander of a combat operation near Trung Lap, Vietnam. When one platoon came under enemy fire at their landing zone, Captain Friedrich disembarked from his command and control helicopter to lead another platoon to the assistance of the beleaguered men. Receiving light fire upon landing, they soon overpowered the resistance and proceeded toward the area of conflict. Having established a position in a hedgerow, Captain Friedrich and two radio-telephone operators moved out toward the pinned-down men. Immediately they under intense fire which wounded one of the radio men. Captain Friedrich applied first aid to the wounded man, but to no avail. Pressing on to the imperiled element, he reorganized his men and led them back to the hedgerow. He then employed artillery and air strikes as near as fifty meters from his position to force the enemy back, thus allowing the dead and wounded to be evacuated. As darkness approached, he led his men to the safety of a defensive position which was being prepared by other elements of the battalion. Captain Friedrich's extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty earned him the nation's second highest award for valor, the Distinguished Service Cross.