Glasier, Robert A.

Rob Glasier is a native of Jamestown, New York and began working in Huntsville in 1981. In 1983 he and his family became full time residents of Huntsville. His son, Stephen, is also being inducted into the Hall of Heroes. This will be the first induction of a father and son in the history of the Madison County Military Heritage Commission Hall of Heroes. Rob likes to ride his Harley Davison motorcycle and also enjoys reading. He and Stephen play a round of golf together on occasion now that Stephen is home and has persuaded Rob to get back into golfing. On 4 December 1969, then Chief Warrant Officer (2) Robert A. Glasier was serving as an aircraft commander and helicopter gunship lead in the Republic of Vietnam. During a mission in support of Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) ground forces he placed his helicopter between a strongly armed enemy unit and ARVN forces that had been fiercely attacked by those enemy units. By doing so, he drew the heavy enemy fire toward his aircraft which allowed the ARVN forces to move to a more secure location and saved them from possible annihilation. With complete disregard of the danger and his own personal safety he repeatedly placed and directed accurate and deadly rocket fire on the enemy. His air strikes allowed the ARVN forces to counter attack and completely overwhelm the enemy which resulted in numerous enemy causalities and the capture of one prisoner, a large cache of intelligence information, weapons and ammunition. For his heroic actions on that date, Robert A. Glasier was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.