Green, Oliver Lain

STARS AND STRIPES, Special Edition for UN Forces in Korea, Friday, December 8, 1950: Teenager GI Slays 6 Curious Commies – An 18-year old American GI killed six curious Chinese Communists and left them all kneeling, X Corps PIO reported. A 7th Division rifleman was defending his command post from attacking Chinese when the Reds broke through and infiltrated. PFC Oliver Green Jr. Of Huntsville, AL, saw one of the enemy soldiers kneel to peer into a house opposite his position. Green fired and the soldier slumped forward, still kneeling. Green watched as another Red approached the house, quizzically eyed his dead buddy and kneeled to look over his shoulder. Green fired again and the second victim died kneeling, leaning against the first. It happened four more times. When the infantryman stopped shooting, all six were neatly stacked up. What the Stars and Stripe article did not mention was that PFC Green and one other infantrymen were the only soldiers left at the command post as the Chinese forces attacked, the rest of the unit having retreated back. For his gallantry in action, PFC Oliver Green was awarded the nation’s third highest valor medal, the Silver Star. PFC Green was later grievously wounded by a friendly artillery shell that landed short of its target. After 20 months and 27 days of surgical operations for his hand and severe abdominal wounds, being shipped from one military hospital to another, he wound up at the hospital at Fort Benning, GA. Doctors saved his hand and PFC Green was medically discharged from the U.S. Army. Oliver Green was born on November 19, 1932 at Fort Moultrie, S.C. His father was a career soldier, retiring as a Master Sergeant in 1947 and then accepting a position with the Huntsville city police force. Oliver Green enlisted in the U.S. Army immediately after graduation from Huntsville High School in June 1950. When the North Koreans invaded South Korea in June 1950, Oliver Green was immediately assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division to complete his training as a machine gunner. His unit arrived in Korea in October 1950, just prior to the invasion by the Chinese Army in November 1950. After his discharge from the U.S. Army, Oliver Green attended the University of Alabama, graduated, and then entered Stetson Law School in St. Petersburg, FL. After working in a law firm in Lakeland, FL, Oliver Green became a Lakeland municipal judge in the late 1960s and rose through the judicial ranks to the 2nd District Court of Appeals. He retired in 2002, but continues to work a few days each week. He married Mona, the young widow of an Air Force pilot killed during a flight in the US. He and Mona have three daughters and one grand-daughter.