Hollis Jr., Bobby

Bobby Hollis Jr was born on 22 October 1937 in Columbia, Tennessee. Bobby Hollis joined the Army in 1957, training as an Armor Crewman at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Sergeant Hollis served in Vietnam in 1968 and 69 with B Troop, 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division. Sergeant Hollis served in the Sheridan Armored Vehicle conducting route and convoy security. During the Tet Offensive in January 1968, Sergeant Hollis and his squadron were rushed to Tan Son Nhut Air Base near Saigon by Colonel Otis, the regimental commander. Colonel Otis ordered B Troop, commanded by Captain Malcolm Otis, to leave the Trang Bang bridge and move at top speed down Highway 1 to Tan Son Nhut, forty-seven kilometers distant. Captain Otis’s troop, traveling fast, reached the battle area in forty-five minutes. When the troop arrived, it executed a column right toward the west at the Vinatexco Textile Factory, which put it parallel to the northern flank of the Viet Cong attack. With all vehicles of Troop B off the main road and strung out in column, Colonel Otis directed a left flank movement that brought them on line on the flank of what was later estimated to be at least 600 enemy soldiers. Troop B attacked with such intensity that many of the enemy immediately fled to escape the fire. Some attempted to reach a tree line three kilometers to the west across open rice paddies, but Captain Otis sent his 3d Platoon and Troop D gunships to cut them off. Caught in a cross fire between Troops B and C and heavy air and artillery fire, the Viet Cong were pinned in place. The battle reached a climax at about 1000 hours, when Troop B’s flank attack began to take its toll of the enemy. Although fighting went on until 2200 hours, from 1300 to 2200 the primary business was mopping up-hunting down the confused and beaten enemy. Subsequent sweeps of the battle area produced over 300 enemy dead, 24 prisoners, hundreds of enemy weapons of all kinds, and enough equipment and ammunition to fill a five-ton truck. For his actions during this battle, Sergeant Bobby Hollis was awarded the nation's third highest valor medal, the Silver Star.

MSG Bobby Hollis retired from the US Army on 31 March 1978 while serving at Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, AL.