Jacks, Arnold B.

Arnold Bruce Jacks was born on 9 May 2018 in Huntsville, Alabama.  He enlisted in the Army National Guard on 16 October 1940 and entered active duty on 27 January 1941 from Huntsville, Alabama. Sergeant Jacks served in the 104th Engineer Battalion during World War II, seeing action in the Aleutian Islands in 1942, where he received the Purple Heart for combat wounds. In January 1944, the battalion made combat landings and provided engineer support in the Mandated Island Campaign of the Marshall Islands. After the invasion and assault, the battalion supported elements of the 4th Marine Division and contructed airfields on the islands for the U.S. Army Air Corps. Staff Sergeant Jacks was serving on Leyte in the Philippine Islands when Japanese bombers attacked his unit on 25 October 1944. With enemy bombs exploding amongst the ammunition and fuel dumps, causing numerous casualties and a blazing inferno, Sergeant  Jacks, without regard for his personal safety, volunterily and with great risk of his life, immediately began the evacuation of wounded, the removal of vital equipment and the installation of fire fighting equipment. Sergeant Jacks remained with the fire fighting unit amdist exploding artillery shells, bursting shrapnel and falling debris until all fires were extinguished. His display of courage and heroism contributed materially to the saving of many lives and much equipmewnt vital to the campaign. For his actions on this date, Sergeant Arnold Jacks was awarded the nation's highest award for heroism not directly involved with an enemy force, the Soldier's Medal.