Perkins, Harold D.

Harold Dean Perkins was born on 17 February 1942 in Fayette, Alabama. He earned his BS in Education from University of Alabama and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the USAF in October 1964.  By 1966 he was qualified as a B-52 crew member, but later qualified as a helicopter pilot and joined the special operations world. After completing the Jungle Survivial Training course in November 1969, he was assigned to combat duties in Vietnam. On 26 March 1970, while piloting a helicopter near Duc Lap, Vietnam, Captain Perkins repeatedly attacked a large opposing force, deep in hostile territory, in support of a friendly long range reconnaissance patrol. Depsite the fact that his aircraft had taken hits from the intense ground fire, Captain Perkins was instrumental in the rescue of the entire patrol. The outstanding heroism and selfless devotion to duty earned Captain Harold Perkins the Distinguished Flying Cross. Captain Perkins retired from teh USAF in September 1975 and returned to the Huntsville, Alabama area. He died on 12 August 2011.