Rhodes, Douglas F.

Specialist 5 Douglas Rhodes was assigned to the EOD Section of the 184th Ordnance Battalion in the Republic of Vietnam in 1968. On 4 December 1968, Specialist Rhodes placed himself at great personal risk by exposing himself to enemy fire to make possible the successful completion of a very dangerous mission. For his bravery during this action, Specialist Rhodes was awarded the Bronze Star medal with V Device for valor. On 10 March 1969, Specialist Rhodes again distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous action when an enamy force of unknown size attacked the Qui Nhon Ammunition Base Depot in the Binh Dinh Province. When enemy sappers  struck the ammunition depot, Specialist Rhodes began to search for the satchel charges, without regard for his own personal safety. He remained in the depot searching even though five ammunition pads had been hit and begun to burn and explode. For his actions on this date, Specialist 5 Douglas Rhodes was awarded the Army Commendation Medal with V Device for valor.