Schofield, Peter D.

Peter (Pete) Schofield was born in Canada and his family moved to Schenectady, New York when he was twelve years old. Pete Schofield received his commission in the United States Army in 1966. While serving as a Captain and Commander of company C with the 93rd Engineer Brigade he distinguished himself during hostile action at the Ben Luc Bridge, Republic of Vietnam, on July 15th 1969. On that date, Viet Cong sappers attempted to blow up the Ben Luc Bridge with explosive charges. The Viet Cong had taken control of the north end of the bridge and during the ensuing firefight had cut power to the security lights on the bridge. Knowing that the enemy was using the darkness to cover their operations, Captain Schofield, without regard to his own safety, worked his way to the south end of the bridge while receiving intense fire from enemy forces. He then made temporary repairs to the lighting system on the bridge. His action allowed the Republic of Vietnam soldiers to engage and destroy the enemy and regain control of the bridge. For his heroic action on that date Captain Schofield was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with Valor. Three years after this event Peter Schofield became a citizen of the United States. He and his wife Pamela, who have three children, have lived in Huntsville since the early 80’s and he is employed with Sparta Corporation.