Shelton, Charles Howard

Charles H Shelton was born on 20 May 1950 in Huntsville, Alabama. Lance Corporal Charles H Shelton, United States Marine Corps, was assigned to Company F, Second Battalion, Fourth Marines in the Republic of Vietnam in 1968 as a machine gunner. On 11 December 1968, Company F was conducting a combat patrol near the Demilitiarized Zone when the Marines came under a heavy volume of mortar, small arms and automatic weapons fire from a well-fortified North Vietnamese Army unit and sustained numerous casualties. As the company commenced an aggressive assault on the hostile emplacement, it received intense mortar fire from several directions and became temporarily pinned down. Completely disregarding his own safety, Lance Corporal Shelton unhesitatingly moved through the hazardous area to a forward position in proximity to the enemy bunkers and began delivering intense fire upon the North Vietnamese soldiers which enabled his companions to deploy to effective fighting positions. Although fully aware of the danger involved, he fearlessly remained in his precariously exposed location and delivered accurate covering fire, permitting other Marines to safety evacuate the casualties from the fire-swept terrain. His heroic and timely actions saved the lives of many companions. The President of the United States took great pride in awarding Lance Corporal Shelton the Bronze Star Medal with Combat V Device for valor..

On 2 May 1969, USMC CH-46 helicopters from HMM-262 were conducting a large troop lift for a combat operation. During the flight, the CH-46 in which Lance Corporal Charles Shelton was a passenger was accidently struck by an Army Huey helicopter flying in the same direction, causing it to lose it's tail rotor and then crash. There were no survivors. Lance Corporal Charles H Shelton was Killed in Action and is honored on Panel 26W, Line 103 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (http://www.Vvmf.Org/Wall-of-Faces/www.Vvmf.Org/Wall-of-Faces/47042/CHARLES-H-SHELTON). 

Charles H Shelton is buried at Maple Hill Cemetery in Huntsville, Alabama.

From a message on the Wall of Faces:

  • POSTED ON 10/31/01 - BY WIFE
    Even though it has been 32 long years I still love and miss you as much as ever. You left a wonderful legacy... A beautiful daughter that is caring on your memory by sharing it with her precious 5 year old daughter. You will never be forgotten and we will carry you forever in our hearts. I know that if it had been God's will for you to live you would have been a great husband, father and grandfather.

    Your wife,