Soucie, Robert A.

Robert Soucie was born on 28 May 1943 in Bath, Maine. He joined the US Army in 1966 and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Infantry. In 1968, LT Soucie was assigned to Company C, 2nd Battalion, 502nd Infantry in the 101st Airborne Division in the Republic of Vietnam. While on a combat patrol on 26 April 1968, LT Soucie's platoon received orders to join forces with Company B, who was in contact at the present tme. A short distance from the contact area, LT Soucie's platoon suddenly received heavy enemy automatic weapons fire from a well positioned enemy force. The intense fire power put forth by the enemy made it impossible for them to continue. With complete disregard for his own personal safety, LT Soucie braved the enemy fire and positioned a machinegun crew so that they could fire into the enemy area. He then set up his lead squad which added to his platoon's fire power. At this time, LT Soucie noticed that one of his men was seriously wounded, and once again with complete disregard for his own personal safety, LT Soucie braved the enemy fire to succeed in pulling the man to a covered position. Next, he crawled through the enemy fire to drag several wounded men from Company B to secure positions. LT Soucie exposed himself time and time again to the intense enemy fire  as he lad his platoon in assaults on numerous enemy positions and assisted in the redrawal of friendly casualties. Second Lieutenant Robert Soucie's valor and bravery earned him the nation's third highest award for gallantry in combat action, the Silver Star Medal. Two days later, while on combat patrol, LT Soucie was wounded in combat action and awarded the Purple Heart. Later that year, now First Lieutenant Soucie was on a combat patrol near the village of Thon Luong Dien, His patrol had captured two enemy soldiers with weapons and then discovered three more of the enemy hiding in spider holes. After surrounding the area, LT Soucie approached the enemy hideout, and with the help of Vietnamese National Police, attempted to persuade the three enemy soldiers to surrender. In reply, he received several bursts of enemy automatic weapons fire which wounded two members of his platoon. LT Soucie immediately directed his platoon's fire against the enemy positions. At the same time, he directed other members of his platoon to move the wounded men to safety. Following a medical evacuation of the wounded men, LT Soucie took his platoon back into the area and again received  enemy automatic weapons fire. LT Soucie's outstanding leadership made it possible for his platoon to sweep the enemy area and mortally wound several enemy soldiers. For his bravery on this date, First Lieutenat Robert Soucie was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with V Device for valor.

Robert Soucie lived in the Huntsville, Alabama area until his death on 11 August 2000.