Bishop, L W.

From The Huntsville Times on March 4, 1945: Medal Bestowed on L.W. Bishop For Saving Life L.W. Bishop of Huntsville of the Seebees, was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps medal last month in a ceremony on board ship in the Pacific. According to the newspaper published by his battalion, he earned the honor by saving the life of a wounded soldier at the risk of his own. A boat evacuating wounded men from a beach, the bulletin said, collided with two other craft and began to sink. It was tied to a ferry on which Bishop was working, and removal of its wounded was undertaken. While the transfer was in progress, one of the wounded fell between the sinking boat and the ferry and was in danger of being crushed. Bishop dived into the sea and swam to safety with the wounded soldier, disregarding the danger of being crushed himself.