Trickey, Kenneth Gene

Specialist Four Kenneth G. Trickey distinguished himself by valorous actions on 12 December 1970 while engaged in a rescue mission. On that night a patrol had inadvertently entered an uncharted mine field in a dense fog, exploding one mine and suffering several casualties. Aware that one rescue helicopter had already returned unsuccessfully due to the extremely hazardous weather conditions, Specialist Trickey volunteered to participate in a second rescues effort, willing to risk his own life for the lives of the wounded men. Hovering in a dense fog above the mine field, the crew realized the continuous risk of detonating a mine or trip wire with their rescue efforts of the rotor wash of the helicopter. Although Specialist Trickey has never operated hoist equipment, he assisted in successfully lifting the remaining wounded man under the adverse conditions. Without any hesitation, he helped the wounded soldier into the ship by leaning far out of the aircraft. For his heroic actions, Kenneth G. Trickey was awarded the Army Commendation Medal with Valor.