Blume, Charles G.

On 17 February 1967, Corporal Blume was assigned the mission of providing security for the withdrawal of an Underwater Demolition Team near Long Thank in Quang Ngai Province and he was wounded by an exploding booby trap while leading his squad on a search of the village. Disregarding his painful wound, Corporal Blume deployed his squad to provide cover for the withdrawing Demolition Team. After the Team had successfully withdrawn, he was preparing to depart for his base camp when his squad came under automatic weapons and sniper fire from two different enemy positions. In the initial burst of enemy fire, the squad suffered one casualty and was temporarily pinned down. With complete disregard for his own safety, Corporal Blume moved among his men, moving them to more advantageous positions and directing their fire on the enemy while he marked targets with an M-79 Grenade Launcher. Calling for artillery support, he skillfully directed the artillery fire on the enemy while he withdrew his squad from the ambush area. His aggressive leadership and resolute courage while suffering from a painful wound, inspired his men, contributed to the unit’s safe withdrawal and accounted for two confirmed and one probable enemy killed. For his heroic actions, Charles Blume was award the Bronze Star Medal with Valor.