Williams, Phillip W.

 Phillip W Williams joined the US Army in 1961, havng been commissioned a second lieutenant after graduation from Florence State College in Alabama. Assigned to the United States Military Assistance Command in Vietnam, then Major Williams served as an advisor to the 40th Regiment, Army of the Republic of Vietnam. On 19 September 1968, Major Williams was serving as Aircraft Commander, Command and Control Helicopter, when he ordered his helicopter flown to the scene of a vehicle ambush in support of a reaction force and to coordinate the medical evacuation of casualties. When a medical  helicopter was forced to leave the area because of the intensity of the enemy fire, one American survivor was left on the ground, lodged in the damaged vehicle. With complete disregard for his personal sagety, Major Williams ordered his pilot to land in an attempt to rescue the wounded soldier. On the ground, Major Williams crossed the fire-swept terrain and attempted to extricate the soldier, but was forced back to his aircraft by a devastating barrage of hostile fire. Determined to complete his mission, Major Williams coordinated supporting fires on the enemy positions which effectively suppressed the hostile fire so two members of his crew had tme to remove the casualty and load him on the helicopter. For his heroic actions on this date, Major Phillip W Williams was awarded the Bronze Star with V Device for valor. In 1971, Major Williams was back in Vietnam, this time assigned to the 2nd Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. On 19 April 1971, Major Williams courageously exposed himself to the dangers inherent in aerial flilght as he directed his efforts toward neutralizing the enemy threat. For his heroic action so nthis date, Major Williams was awarded the Air Medal with V Device for valor.  Lieutenant Colonel Phillip Williams earned a Phd in Public Administration from Nova University in 1978. LTC Williams retired from the US Army in 1982 while assigned to the Ballistic Missile Defense Systems Command in Huntsville, Alabama.  Dr Williams served as Chairman, Precision Guided Weapons Committee, ADPA. Dr. Williams served as the Finance Director for the State of Alabama, responsible for all financial transactions of the State, Capitol Police, Facilities Maintenance, State Printing, Purchasing, Comptroller activities, and 48 State Committees and boards. Dr Phillip W Williams died on 12 April 2013 following health complications due to exposure to Agent Orange while serving in Vietnam.