Windham, James A.

James Alex Windham was born on 23 August 1930 in Pike County, Alabama. He enlisted in the USMC on 24 August 1948 and trained as a commuications lineman.  In 1950, PFC James Windham was assigned to the 1st Marine DIvision, then engaged in comabt on the Korean penensula against North Korean forces. During the harsh combat from 21 September to 4 October 1950, which incluuded the amphibious landing at Inchon and subsequent capture of Seoul, PFC Windham displayed great skill, courage and confidence in the performance of his duties as a wireman. Through his continuous efforts in the installation, operations and maintenance of communications lines, contact was maintained between the regiment and all higher and lower echelons. Althoguh subjected to direct enemy small arms, machine gun, and mortar fire, he made frequent checks to ensure that communications were intact. PFC Windham was wounded in combat during this period and received the Purple Heart . His bravery under fire and devotion to duty earned him the Navy Commendation Medal with Combat 'V' for valor.               Staff Sergeant James Windham was discharged from the USMC on 1 August 1952.