Pamplin, Jebron

Jebron (Lou) Pamplin was born on 23 August 1951 in Huntsville, Alabama. He joined the US Army on 6 August 1969 and trained as an infantryman at Fort Benning, Georgia. In December 1969, Private Pamplin was assigned to Vietnam in Company D, 2nd Battalion, 196th Light Infantry, Americal Division. On 13 June 1970, PFC Pamplin was serving as the point man as the company was conducting routine combat operations west of Landing Zone Hawk Hill. As the friendly elements entered a hamlet, they observed several Viet Cong soldiers attempting to evade the search. Responding immediately to the urgency of the situation, Private Pamplin began pursuing the insurgents. When they realized they were being followed, the enemy soldiers began firing at the friendly force. Ignoring the danger involved, Private Pamplin returned the enemy fire with highly accurate bursts from his own weapon. As he approached the hostile emplacement amid a heavy barrage of enemy rounds, he used hand grenades and his own rifle to neutralize the enemy fire. Despite the determined enemy resistance, he was able to overcome the foe's defense and completely silence the emplacement.Through his timely and courageous actions, Private Pamplin was largely responsible for the overall success of the mission and the securing of valuable enemy documents. For his heroism, Private Lou Pamplin was awarded the Bronze Star with Valor (V) Device. The following month, on 23 July 1970, Private Pamplin earned the Purple Heart for combat wounds during a similar combat operation. In July 1971, while serving at Fort Hood, Texas, then Specialist 4 Pamplin was medically discharged from the US Army. He returned to the Huntsville area and finds great joy in relaxing and spending time with his grandchildren.