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Adams, Thomas B.

First Lieutenant Thomas Adams was born and raised in Madison County, AL and graduated from Grissom High School. He achieved an appointment to West Point Military Academy and was commissioned a second lieutenant. He attended flight school and was qualified on the OH-58 observation helicopter. 1LT Adams deployed to Kuwait with the 3rd Armored Division as part of Dessert Storm. On the night of 27 February 1991, 1LT Adams and his crew received a mission to screen forward of the division and provide security for the lead elements of the First Brigade as it advanced into Objective Menden. Flying with Night Vision Goggles after only minimal sleep over the previous seventy-two hours, 1LT Adams and his crew departed in marginal weather conditions along with another OH-58 crew. 1LT Adams received a quick coordination briefing and was then instructed to position themselves forward of the brigade to assist with the identification of the enemy forces. Aware of the danger, 1LT Adams and his crew flew unarmed forward of the brigade’s lead tanks and utilized close air support (CAS) and artillery to engage the enemy forces. During this engagement, 1LT Adams came under direct and indirect fire from Iraqi forces. Smoke from burning vehicles and equipment greatly reduced the visibility on the battlefield. The intelligence data and targeting information he provided First Brigade played a vital part in the destruction of the enemy forces. Without regard for his own safety, 1LT Adams continued the mission while under fire until the battlefield reached near zero visibility. Through extraordinary pilotage, 1LT Adams safely returned his crew and aircraft over sixty kilometers to the Forward Arming and Refueling Point (FARP) just hours before the announcement of the cease fire. For his extraordinary courage and devotion to duty, 1LT Adams was awarded the Bronze Star with V Device. 1LT Thomas Adams was inducted into the Madison County Hall of Heroes in 1991.