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Burns, Mark V.

Mark V. Burns is a native of Huntsville and is currently serving with the Alabama Army National Guard. On April 18th 2004 Specialist Mark V. Burns was assigned to a .50 caliber machine gun position overlooking a four-lane road at the front gate of Camp Golf in Najaf, Iraq. Just after midnight his team observed small arms fire coming from a rooftop 400 meters away. Friendly coalition forces occupied the building being fired upon. Specialist Burns and his team engaged the enemy with their M-16 rifles and the .50 caliber machine gun. This caused the enemy to shift their fire away from the original target and against Specialist Burns position. After directing a barrage of heavy fire against the enemy rooftop position, Specialist Burns team began receiving fire from another element of enemy forces on the ground. Again, Specialist Burns and his team returned fire and after several minutes both enemy positions were neutralized. For his heroic action Mark V. Burns was awarded the Army Commendation Medal with Valor.