Castleberry, William F.

While serving with the 4th Calvary, 25th Infantry Division, Sergeant William F. (Fred) Castleberry distinguished himself by heroic actions in the predawn hours of April 14th 1968 in the Republic of Vietnam. This was Easter Sunday...His 21st birthday. When his unit came under heavy enemy fire Sergeant Castleberry withstood the devastating assault and rendered aid to his follow soldiers. As he lifted a severely wounded soldier in his arms he was shot in the shoulder by an enemy bullet... As he returned fire he was again hit, this time in the legs by enemy machine gun fire. Despite multiple wounds Sergeant Castleberry continued to return fire until he was wounded a third time... By a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG), which resulted in the loss of his right arm and left leg. For his personal bravery and devotion to duty Sgt. Castleberry was awarded the Silver Star Medal for Gallantry in Action. Following his military service Fred Castleberry served the communities he lived in by working for over 25 years with abused and neglected children. He and his wife Cathy have been living in Huntsville since for the past four years. Because of the sacrifices he made while serving his country, Fred Castleberry has a part in the “Price of Freedom” exhibit at the Smithsonian museum of American History in Washington, D.C.