Harp, Donald Bert

WO1 Donald B. Harp was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action on 10 Jul 1969, while serving as the pilot of an OH-6A helicopter on a reconnaissance mission with HHC 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile).  While scouting the area of recent ground to air fire in an attempt to locate targets, WO1 Harps aircraft came under fire by a .50 caliber machinegun.  Moments later WO1 Harp lost contact with his lead and requested assistance from an Air Force FAC in locating him. He was informed that the lead had been downed by the hostile fire and received directions to the location.  WO Harp decided to attempt a rescue of the survivors.  Still receiving heavy fire from the machine gun emplacement, he landed next to the crash site and extracted the pilot.  As he was leaving the area the downed aircraft exploded and begin to burn.  Had he hesitated before landing, both his crew and the other pilot would have been in the area of the explosion.

WO1 Donald B. Harp was awarded the Air Metal with “V” Device for valor on 5 January 1970.  While serving as co-pilot on a command and control Aircraft in RVN.  When a friendly unit became violently engaged in close combat and due to that contact had extinguished their supply of smoke grenades and became unable to mark their position. It was with this knowledge that WO Harp's helicopter was flown with much skill at treetop level, drawing enemy fire upon themselves numerous times until a case of smoke grenades was dropped to the friendly unit.