Rosher, Galen Dee

Major Galen Rosher distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous action on 30 Dec­ember 1969, while serving as aircraft comiander with Troop C, 1st Squad­ron (Airmobile), 9th Cavalry near Song Be, Republic of Vietnam. Flying to the site of a downed helicopter, Major Bosher came under intense machine gun and small arms fire. He made numerous low-level passes locating and engaging a .51 caliber position until it was silenced and several enemy crew members killed. He then led the insertion of the aero- rifle platoon into a landing zone near five heavy machine gun positions, placing accurate suppressive fire on the enemy fortifications. Although repeatedly exposed to intense hostile fire, he expertly coordinated and controlled the fires of supporting gunships and the inserted platoon, destroying numerous enemy positions. For his actions on this date, Major Galen Rosher was awarded the nation's third highest valor medal, the Silver Star.