Lowe, John W.

John Lowe joined the US Army in 1966 and attended Warrant Officer Flight School. Arriving in Vietnam in February 1967, Warrant Officer Lowe was assigned to the 1st Brigade Aviation Section of the 25th Infantry Division. He flew orientation flights for several weeks to learn the OH-23G and to learn the division's area of operation. As a bonus, he was 'assigned' to A Company, 4th Battalion, 9th Infantry for some 'on the ground' training. The mission of A Company was to provide security for an engineer operation near the village of Phi How Dong, in Binh Duong Providence. On 26 February, at 0015 hours, approximately 300 Viet Cong attacked the company position and were initially beaten back. At 0100 hours, numerous Viet Cong managed to infiltrate the company defensive perimeter and attack the company command post.In the midst of a murderous mortar barrage, heavy automatic weapons, and recoilless rifle fire, Warrant Officer Lowe observed that a Viet Cong had thrown a hand grenade which landed perilously close to a platoon leader. With complete disregard for his own personal safety, Warrant Officer Lowe moved from his covered position and deliberately shielded the lieutenant with is own body. Despite his resultant wounds, Warrant Officer Lowe armed himself and took up the defense if the company command post, killing at least one Viet Cong during the action. For his galant actions on this date, Warrant Officer John Lowe was awarded the nation's third highest award for valor, the Silver Star.