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Evans, Jon F.

´╗┐First Lieutenant Evans distinguished himself on 20 March 1971, while serving as aircraft commander of a UH-1H lift helicopter during the attempted extraction of beleaguered Army of the Republic of Vietnam troops in Laos. Enroute to the extraction site, Lieutenant Evans aircraft came under heavy enemy fire, against which he directed accurate suppressive fire. He disregarded the intense enemy fire in the area of the landing zone and made repeated attempts to extract the beleaguered troops, withdrawing only when several direct hits severely damaged his aircraft. For his gallantry in action, he was awarded the Silver Star. On 24 November 1970, Lieutenant Evans distinguished himself while serving as pilot of a UH-1H helicopter during an emergency extraction mission in Quang Tri Province, Republic of Vietnam. When an embattled reconnaissance team requested an emergency extraction, Lieutenant Evans piloted the lead aircraft to the contact area to attempt the rescue. Discovering that the landing zone was blocked by a number of medium sized trees, Lieutenant Evans, despite enemy fire, hovered twenty feet above the area, allowing his crew chief to jump from the aircraft and clear the landing zone. After the landing zone had been cleared, Lieutenant Evans, continuously subjecting himself to the increasing hostile fire, hovered seven feet above the ground, enabling wounded team members to be assisted aboard as he directed the fire of supporting armed helicopters. After departing the landing zone, he rendered emergency first aid to the wounded. For his heroism while participating in aerial flight, Jon Evans was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.