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Ford, Robert M.

Robert Michael Ford was born on 16 June 1936 in New York. He enlisted in the US Army in 1959, training to be an ammunition specialist. Staff Sergeant Ford was assigned to US Army Support Command, 88th Supply and Service Battalion in Pleiku, Vietnam in 1968. The battalion provided all classes of supply to units in the Northern II Corps Tactical Zone. On 2 February 1968, an enemy mortar round ignited a pad of chemical ammunition in ammunition supply point 341A. White phosphorous and shrapnel were flying all directions and struck the stacked ammunition in an adjoining pad, setting it afire. Sergeant Ford entered the burning pad with a forklift and started to move ammunition so as to get at the ammunition which was burning. He picked up a pallet which was on fire and carried it to an area away from all other ammunition and explosives. While doing this not less than ten white phosphorous rounds landed around the forklift. Sergeant Ford's ability to react under difficult conditions with complete disregard for his own peronal safety saved many lives and property. For his valor, Staff Sergeant Robert M Ford was awarded the Army Commendation Medal with V Device. Upon retirement from the US Army in 1979, Master Sergeant Ford lived in the Huntsville, Alabama area.